Boise Tree is a local, family owned tree care business located in Boise, Idaho that specializes in tree healthcare, pruning, removal, and stump grinding. 

Why Boise Tree?

From the moment we answer your phone call or online inquiry to when the last leaf is raked up from your property, you’ll notice how much care our staff invests in your project. Our crews are polite, safe, and competent, and include five ISA certified arborists, which is far and away the highest arborist-to-groundsman ratio in the state. This depth of talent, knowledge and professionalism culminates in exceptional customer experiences and project outcomes.

Top-of-the-line tree care equipment

Polite, professional, and knowledgeable staff

2M in general liability insurance

Highest arborist to groundsman ratio in Idaho

Commitment to preserving Boise’s urban canopy

Tree care services for Boise, Eagle, and Garden City, Idaho.

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    Preserving Boise's Urban Canopy

    Protection & Professionalism

    Boise Tree is a family-owned tree care company located in Boise, Idaho. We specialize in pruning, removals, tree diagnostics, healthcare, and stump grinding. It is our mission to provide exceptional service and to promote urban tree preservation whenever possible.  We currently service Boise, Garden City, and Eagle, Idaho.

    From the moment we contacted Boise Tree to remove a very large elm to the raking of the last leaves at clean up, our experience with this company was absolutely outstanding! This is a team of professionals who are very experienced in a hazardous situation. Safety for each other and our surroundings was paramount, and their camaraderie was evident in praise for each other, which included lots of smiles and high fives. Clearly a team who respect each other and work very well together. And they have a lot of cool equipment to get the job done. We highly recommend their services!

    Tracy H.

    A crew from Boise Tree cut down a large tree in our backyard and removed the stump. They did a wonderful job! The crew were very nice and patient when we asked questions. Our neighbors commented about how nice the crew was. The yard was left clean. Hard to tell a tree had been cut down. We would definitely use them again.

    Gregory B.

    Boise Tree is fantastic! Sean, Steve and the team were great! Friendly, prompt, professional, and reasonably priced. They created a beautiful mini version of our aging silver maple by sculpting it as they removed the heavy top branches. Clean up was perfect. And did I mention the Star Wars style remote controlled equipment?? Awesome!

    Susan H.

    Sean and his crew did an excellent job in removing our huge poplar tree. They used safety as their first priority. It was amazing to watch them work. It took two days to take this tree down and they cleaned up as they went. We are very happy! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company!

    Barbara D.

    They are one of the most professional companies in the industry. Knowledgeable, cost effective, personable, timely and efficient. I recommend them to all of my clients and they are my top choice for tree removal.

    Lindsey B.

    First rate folks that care about trees and the value they can add to your home. They were confronted with some difficult problems at my home that another local tree service didn’t want to touch. They tackled the problem With great results!

    David G.

    Tree Services

    Urban trees endure a lot of stress. Our certified arborists will diagnose and when possible, offer remediation treatment services.

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    We are not only invested in each of our clients, but the community at large.

    From chemical interventions to soil amelioration, our team of certified arborists start with the basics and leave no stones unturned.

    We have the skills, equipment and the professionalism to take on any removal.

    We prune for effect! That means you’ll be impressed with the aesthetic results as well as how your trees respond to the pruning.

    What a grind it is! Boise Tree, Inc. owns 4 stump grinders for varying sizes and access points.

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