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About Us

We specialize in pruning, removals, tree diagnostics, healthcare, and stump grinding. It is our mission to provide exceptional service and to promote urban tree preservation whenever possible.
About Us

Brief History.

Brief history Boise Tree is a local, family-owned business specializing in tree care and removals. Founded in 2014, our company has built its reputation on competency, accountability, and customer service. We believe in saving and rehabilitating trees whenever possible and take great care in canopy restoration and preservation pruning.
Why Choose Us

Why BoiseTree?

Our crews are polite, safe, and competent, and include five ISA certified arborists, which is far and away the highest arborist-to-groundsman ratio in the state. This depth of talent, knowledge and professionalism culminates in exceptional customer experiences and project outcomes.
Our Crews

Our crews and office staff are polite, professional, and presentable. Our crew members are the highest paid tree workers in the state and among the highest paid in the nation. This means we attract and retain talented professionals who deliver outstanding customer experiences and superb tree work. All our tree workers are engaged in continuing education – from advanced arboriculture certifications to safety standards – we foster an environment for personal advancement and attainment.

The Certified Arborist Ratio

Among our 12 crew members, 5 are ISA certified arborists. That ratio is the highest in the state and confers a level of professionalism and exceptionalism to every project we undertake.

The Gear

Our teams are equipped with the most advanced mechanical advantages available in the world. This equipment ranges from 2 self-propelled spider lifts to landscape-friendly log grapple loaders to 3 different sizes of stump grinders to ensure we approach each challenge with the best tools at our disposal. This investment results in expedient, safe and cost-effective project fulfillment.

We Just Care More

From the moment your initial phone call or online inquiry is answered to when the last leaf and twig are raked up from your property, you’ll notice how much care our teams invest in your project. The sales arborist who provides your proposal will walk you through as much detail as you wish, our office will keep you apprised, and appropriately connected to the administration and timeline of your project, and the crew will fulfill the project as agreed upon. When it comes to the occasional hiccup or misstep, our policy is as simple as it gets – WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT QUICKLY AND AT NO COST.

Command and Control (Our Beloved OfficeStaff)

As impressive as it is to watch the guys in the trees, none of it would be possible without the extraordinary care extended by our office staff. If felling trees and carrying logs looks hard, it’s a walk in the park compared to the organization and customer service our administrators provide to our clients. It is a rare day when we don’t hear just how lovely our office team is to work with as they field questions, schedule the bids, calendar the projects, and keep folks apprised of the preparation, process, and completion of their jobs.

Community Engagement

Boise Tree directly supports and participates in 3 community non-profit groups and initiatives aimed at preserving Boise’s urban canopy and minimizing impact on urban forest management:

What they say

What our clients say about us.

It is an absolute privilege to care for the earth’s largest organisms, and what better place to do so than in the City of Trees. Each member of our crew assumes the role of custodian for Idaho’s urban canopy in the most responsible and enthusiastic manner possible. Anyone who knows tree service knows that half the work is cleaning up. We clean up impeccably after each job and guarantee your satisfaction.
Caryn Hirschi Boise, Idaho

I highly recommend this company. They came out and did a great job with our trees, then cleaned up the yard. They are spectacular!!

Laure Spinello Meridian, Idaho

These guys did amazing work. They arrived on time, did VERY professional work, and left the area better than it was before.

Heather Knight-Shambarger Boise, Idaho

Sean and his crew know what they're doing. All are friendly and advise to make the job cost effective.

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