Frequently Asked Questions

Cost is dependent on multiple factors including location, size, access, species, health of tree, proximity to power and other utility lines, etc. Please call to schedule a site survey from one of our certified arborists.
Fall, winter and early spring
No, unless you live in one of Boise’s Historic Districts. To get approval to remove a tree, please visit
Flexibility of stems, degree of brittleness, condition of bark, and years of experience with tree care.
Typically 3-5 inches below grade, unless otherwise specified.
Yes, we have 2M in general liability and every crew member is protected by Workmen’s Compensation through the State Insurance Fund.
No. In general, topping trees is a bad idea in all but the rarest of circumstances.

Very minimal. If we’re removing a 60′ tree that weighs 40,000 pounds, you should be prepared for some acceptable impact, although we make ever effort to protect lawns and surround landscape.

What they say

What our clients say about us.

It is an absolute privilege to care for the earth’s largest organisms, and what better place to do so than in the City of Trees. Each member of our crew assumes the role of custodian for Idaho’s urban canopy in the most responsible and enthusiastic manner possible. Anyone who knows tree service knows that half the work is cleaning up. We clean up impeccably after each job and guarantee your satisfaction.
Caryn Hirschi Boise, Idaho

I highly recommend this company. They came out and did a great job with our trees, then cleaned up the yard. They are spectacular!!

Laure Spinello Meridian, Idaho

These guys did amazing work. They arrived on time, did VERY professional work, and left the area better than it was before.

Heather Knight-Shambarger Boise, Idaho

Sean and his crew know what they're doing. All are friendly and advise to make the job cost effective.

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